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From: Dennis Lee - Soccer "Robin Hood"

Author/Private Soccer Number 10 Coach/...blah blah.. a lot more follows. This is about you not me!

Dear: Soccer Friend Online - who needs a winning soccer training system right now...

Are you tired or even afraid of being laugh at whenever you try to do your soccer footwork or soccer tricks during your games by you know - who?

Laugh at by all the guys on the bench - meaning: kicking the soccer ball to your opponents whenever you try out your so - called soccer footwork skills. You even crumble under the pressure whenever you see strong and smart defenders.

Then, you start to make mistakes after mistakes - next thing you know, you are also on the bench too!

There is a soccer player that you just can’t stand being around and you would give anything to just shut him up once and for all. Just because he is a BIG show - off who likes to talk trash to you during practice and soccer games!

You want to shut him up so bad that you spent countless hours practicing in the parks, in your backyard, you even stay late after training. But still the same results during your soccer games!

You’ve tried watching tons of “How to do soccer trick videos & tutorials ?” on youtube by self - proclaimed soccer experts and coaches. But after testing out a few soccer tricks during your game against a smart defender who have also watched that same youtube video - you failed bitterly, again!

You now turn to amazon book store to find another soccer book or dvd to place beside the others that you’ve bought and are gathering dust plus taking up valuable space - you know where?

…Ouch! Same results!

You are very frustrated now, like the others who have given up soccer - totally. But there is a small inner voice that says to you, “Don’t give up like the others!” - You know who?

You want to be able to perform your soccer footwork like: Robinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or even like Denilson with speed and beauty while tricking your opponents.

You just want to know the footwork secrets that these footwork masters are using to: trick their opponents, to create decoys and grouping, for getting their opponents off balance; How they use the fundamentals to attack smart defenders and shine within their games..

...and much more !

Let’s face it you just don’t know the art, nor do you even have an understanding of the fundamentals of soccer footwork!

Or else you would be the one writing this letter and have my secret soccer training books on amazon book store!

Because you don’t know the art your soccer competitions are laughing at you each time you play, or try!

…. and you don’t even have anything to shut up - you know who?

Let’s prove it…

Do You Still have Any of These Soccer Footwork Problems In Your Games?

You don't know or even understand the fundamentals of soccer footwork.

You sometimes kick the ball to your opponents while trying to trick them with your footwork skills.

You lack the confidence to apply your soccer footwork and to try new tricks out.

You don't know how to read your opponent's body language - (watch this TUSFS video )

Your soccer coach at school taught you what you know presently about soccer footwork.

You were self-taught about soccer footwork - and still trying to connect the dots!

You don't know when and why to apply footwork during your game?

You hate it when John or Samantha shows off within games with their flashy footwork step-overs.

Then you try it and messes it up!

You spend countless hours watching Youtube soccer training videos hoping to get a better understanding of the true art of footwork. But you keep on seeing the same - old soccer information!

You don't understand how to trick your opponents with your present soccer footwork skills - I got you covered!

You don't have a system or a handbook that honestly takes you step - by - step through the art of soccer footwork.

Now you do...!

You get laugh at by your, you know who..?

Whenever you try to apply or follow your friends with footwork during training or your soccer games.

I can guarantee you that you've answered, Yes, Yes, Yes, to many of the above soccer footwork problems listed!

So, you see I know you better than you think!

“Here is the Solution!”

The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System : The Digital Version

The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System : The solution to all your soccer footwork problems and a better way for developing the necessary soccer fundamental knowledge  and skills for tricking your opponents.

You will get 22 amazing soccer footwork training audios of various length filled with some new soccer techniques that your competition just don’t know!

You will get over 29 must know soccer footwork training videos which will guide you step by step while you master the secret art of footwork and the necessary skills of soccer. These videos were shot from the view point of a player and soccer coach which are of various length.

By having these 29 Ultimate Soccer Footwork System Training videos - it would be almost impossible not to shut up - you know who?

You’ll also have access to my most guarded 167 secret soccer footwork knowledge training manual PLUS Video Explaining Manual's Contents .
This amazing soccer footwork guide has started a new wave within the soccer industry, by its secret diagrams, and mental flow charts. This book is HOT on titled : The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System.

Let me Save You Countless Hours of Training and Start Seeing Real Results During your Games!

I know that I can help you to get over this frustration by improving your soccer knowledge and soccer skills fast..

Because, I’ve helped countless soccer players from both average to pros alike to see the game differently..!

Whether you think I can help you or not some one within the next five minutes will either buy one of my books or soccer training products off Amazon. Nevertheless, one will be registering for this same TUSFS online soccer coaching while you are reading.

They buy just because they know I always over deliver on my promise. Plus, they know a Deal when they see one! You'll have a clearer  soccer path with new soccer training techniques and TUSFS drills to get the results you are seeking!

…and much more!

Imaging Doing Some New Soccer Footwork Drills For A Change!

Not the same lame out-dated: cones, ladders and amazon soccer text book drills that you just get lost reading and fail bitterly applying during your soccer games if you know what I mean..?

Or even the same ancient soccer coach footwork stories that many soccer coaches try to force you to believe.

So, if you really want to discover some new soccer footwork drills and techniques - say, "Yes!"

If yes - then these new TUSFS drills will improve your soccer understanding and soccer footwork knowledge forever as you:

    1. Triple your soccer footwork speed and reaction time over the soccer ball.
    1. Improving your legs muscle strength, balance and lower base endurance
    1. I want you to understand the entire science of soccer footwork and soccer tricks.
    1. You' ll discover the secrets for tricking smart defenders & shutting up your haters immediately !!
    1. How to apply your soccer footwork skill within soccer game and get results.
    1. How to set up your own backyard soccer footwork gym for pennies!
    1. Understanding the mental processes of footwork for tricking your opponents.
    1. You will discover some secrets that the experts won't share - but I will..!
    1. You will discover everything about soccer footwork from A-Z..
    1. You will discover some secrets that the experts won't share - but I will..!
    1. You will listen to no rehashed soccer footwork information audios
    1. You will watch some new footwork drills videos for a change
    1. 167 pages of never before seen soccer footwork information & diagrams, mental process flow charts that will easily give you a huge advantage!
    1. ...And much more listed below.


    You've ever seen a soccer footwork training diagram like this one from our TUSFS training manual..

    Let me answer for you , "NO you've not!"

    I know what Damage you would be able to do if you Ever knew this ? 

Here is a secret tip that I taught a few soccer pros about, How to Group Smart defenders and their opponents whenever they Attack? 

I will explain everything during TUSFS training videos...Just apply it within your next soccer game and laugh at how easy it is..?

What The other Coaches Never Taught You..

So, you could've Improved Very FAST..?
....But "Robin Hood" Will Within TUSFS

I know that some of these soccer coaches & haters, 8-ters, niners, 10-ners..etc will try to shut me down!  By trying to ban me from their so - called soccer organizations, and Soccer /football coaching associations.

Yes! They're calling me the "Robin Hood" of soccer because, "Robbing from the rich soccer Organizations and giving to the poor!"

 I don't teach: LAME - OLD - ACIENT - DEAD - OUT DATED-Totally Boring Soccer drills and training with different (Titles)

Like you know who?

Don't worry about me these guys know that I can point out all of their traditions of soccer coaching lies to you, that they've used for centuries to hold the poor soccer / football world hostage.

Plus, they know well that I know my stuff and so will you..!

The Soccer world needs a change - a huge maker over and TUSFS  and you will start it..!

My only regrets right now Is that I can't personally train you  and answer all your most dying soccer questions. TUSFS can train you
while you are practicing alone above all this TUSFS coaching is design to get the one & one training effects and soccer results.

You might be a soccer coach who love soccer and also notice these same boring trends within the soccer industry and you can't do anything about it - used TUSFS. Teach TUSFS to your team and watch the results within their next soccer games. 

 Teach them TUSFS and watch the results you will get from your: mid-fielders and strikers. Then, listen to your novice soccer players as they praise you for your amazing soccer tricking insights! 

You might be a soccer mom or dad who love soccer but you don't have the time on your hands to teach your child how to play soccer... TUSFS got you covered. Just hand them TUSFS course and watch what they will say to you..! Or even better yet you can teach it to them and amaze them..! 

Now they say, "That I'm a mad soccer scientist, and that I'm trying to create a new soccer renaissance !"

I've thousands of great feedbacks and heart melting testimonials from all over the soccer world.  Why, these guys don't stop the hating...?

This revolutionary TUSFS, will shut up a few of your haters  and will start you out with a new group of soccer haters!!

 We used to called TUSFS, the soccer haters stopper..! I know that you will start to get the hating from other soccer players.. I want you to know this up-front...right now!!

Listen to your new soccer fans as they ask you, "How did you do that trick?... You made it look very easy. Wow!" 

Let's go and start a new soccer footwork revolution & shut up a few of your haters with this secret soccer weapon!

Your New Soccer Footwork Mental Process Map?

You might not understand the TUSFS Mental process map below - (a page from TUSFS book). So, please don't burn soccer brain cells!

I will explain everything about how to apply this mental process map during your soccer game.  Even, the other Internal TUSFS  Mental Tricking Map for tricking your soccer opponents and smart defenders will blow you away....! 

....Based upon 25 years of Soccer Footwork/Soccer Tricking Research

I (Dennis Lee) want you to try and prove TUSFS wrong within the next 30 days by applying these amazing techniques from The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System against your haters and soccer competitions - and have fun while seeing the results..!

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We know our great success is based on customer satisfaction.
So, Soccer Number 10® wants everyone who is considering buying anything from us to know and understand our unique guarantee, which actually guarantee the Guaranteed!

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If for any reason you aren't happy with your purchase send it back for a 100% refund..

2.We GUARANTEE the Quality of everything we sell.

If you have seen The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System drills or techniques that are within this coaching course before other than from this site or Dennis Lee ... by selling the same Junk soccer products like the other guys...! (Which I 100% don't as you already know)

3.We GUARANTEE Best prices.

If within 90 days of your purchase you find the identical The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System product within any other website other than from us we'll refund the difference.

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Just a few testimonials from the 7670 happy testers...!


You just got love the TUSFS course.  WOooooooooow!

I don't worry about defenders anymore or my opponents too - trust me after I've completed my TUSFS training I started to play different. More attacking and more tricking my opponents were the results i was gettin. At first during training I was a little bit negative, but after my first game while applying just three ideas that I 've learnt from course made me started to focus more upon completing it. Honestly, I think that  I've robbed Dennis - because he gave so much soccer information for that price.!!


I've trained with Dennis before, and what he taught me were totally new! My way of playing soccer changed for the best. My father noticed my new skill, even my soccer coach & teammates. No - B.S. My confidence is much higher than before. I was one of the first to test TUSFS out for one week and trust me it's a must have soccer training if you really take the game seriously.  


After watching the TUSFS training videos. I started to feel more confident that i know something new.  So, i decided to put them to the test within a game at the park against old players! You know what - i had a ball of fun tricking old soccer guys! My big brother "Jesus," and myself were laughing back home as we remember the tricks and plays we made. - thanks Uncle D for sharing such a great product..!

After watching the first ultimate soccer footwork training video all my mistakes were clearer - now I understand that by just standing over the soccer ball and doing footwork was not going to help me to develop the real art." "D - I have all your training system, So i know why you gave me the first testing job!
Michael  Davis 
Life Time  Customer

They say, "It Works !" Now It's your turn to tell me what you think?

Yes..!! I'm very confident you’re going to be happy with TUSFS after seeing your own results..

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You can cancel your membership at any time and not owe us another cent.(Not that I expect you to cancel any time soon, but I want you to know that we make it super easy for you to cancel. You can do this from you my account tab on website.  Nobody to call and wait on hold. No emails to send. No support tickets to open. Maintaining your membership is always 100% up to you.)

What is $0.83 cents per day really worth comparing to what you will discover within the next one hour of your 3 days free trials?

You know You must Get This But You Can't Afford TUSFS Online..!!

You might be right but this is just a very small investment that you will make within your soccer education.

The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System is cost less than the price you'd pay, or even fork out for a pretty color soccer cleats ( which might cost $169 to $350 these days ) While these pretty color cleats looks great on your feet and cost a lot but they never really contributed to your soccer education or growth.

This is a NO-BRAINER: why spend over $300 bucks on dead piece of colorful plastic or leather just to get the WOWs, from a few friends who are laughing at you behind your back anyways, while you kick a $20 soccer ball..?

Why not let me coach you these amazing soccer secrets then your soccer team management - will BUY these dead colorful plastic for you, for FREE..?

Let's face it... this priceless soccer expert knowledge you'll gain from this coaching course will prove to be an asset that will help your soccer career grow much faster!

A great return on your soccer knowledge investment.

Even better yet - Let me calculate the time and money I've invested to create this amazing product which costs way more than just $9.97 to access The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System Coaching for your first Month Access  to TUSFS Coaching.

A very small drop of water in the lake of cost for us.

I am hoping you are getting a picture of this steal price compares to what we have invested in your soccer education.

Now it's your turn make an investment that seem crazy at first then after you start to see the results within your soccer games. You will be total glad that you've made this investment within your soccer education.

Let me help you solve this soccer footwork problem... by say, "This will be one of the best soccer investments you will ever make within your soccer knowledge!"

"If your soccer coach ever knew TUSFS, he would've taught it to you - but he doesn't. Now You can go share TUSFS..!

Still on the Fence - I want you to be the best player on your soccer team..

the first time i watch your video on youtube I knew that you could help me with my soccer skills. After testing Drills # 2 of the footwork system, i was so exhausted. but it paid off within my soccer training after school. I was running like a road runner. There was a moment that made me write you back. I did two footwork in the mid field and finally trick david a defender that always floor me when ever i try to pass him!"

" My legs did the movements as you say they would quickly and got him off balance and he fell to the ground as i walked by him? My coach noticed it too, my friends were all laughing @ david." Dennis - that made my day I finally pass the best defender on my team. I've told my mom about this system already we are Sold Already! Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

Forum member

We are also crazy about this TUSFS course. After completed TUSFS training videos and audios.we were listening to an audio while driving to our game. Then, we noticed that these TUSFS concepts are really amazing. After, we picked up another teammate, we both were just listening to one audio from the six CDS.  Then - (he) asked, "Where did I bought this, and how can he get one too?" 


"The best soccer advice on YouTube. He speaks wisdom. Thanks for telling us the truth. The truth is hard to come by these days. The industry professionals will never unmask the truth. Thanks uncle Dennis. I would love to train with you one day!."  (A soccer Youtuber)

Mr Happy

I have the TUSFS course, after setting up my home soccer footwork gym, I started to get down to business after just one hour of serious TUSFS training i could feel the effects within my legs! The audios TUSFS Manual was really deep..!

Mr X

Yes ! I'm within my 40s and still play soccer.. I saw dennis within a game playing and tricking his opponents really easy and getting a lot of crowd noises! So, after the game i asked him how was he doing his thing so slow and made it looked so easy. He told me about the TUSFS that he was creating. I said count me in.. I 've worked with Dennis for a few private training sessions and trust me my old game has improved greatly. TUSFS - is a going to change soccer forever! 


I see the TUSFS as a soccer tricking tool. Before any soccer game i play i just refresh my past study of these really amazing soccer footwork system that Uncle D has created. One thing always stand out is that the more i review the manual and training videos plus audios I learn something new. I can recommend TUSFS to any soccer play who really want to improve their game, and insights for tricking their opponents. 

I've played mid -field along side Dennis before and Damn.... I have learnt a lot from him just by watching him trick defenders. So I wanted to know some of the secrets and he told me TUSFS...! Now here I am Soccer Footwork expert and more! The TUSFS has many really cool drills and training videos that were just eye openers! The center-line training video was the bomb. and vision awareness...Plus the mental process maps about your how to trick your opponents really rocks! Thanks Dennis for sharing this cool product with the soccer world. I am awaiting your next product..:-)


After watching just one of your videos on youtube and then applied what you were saying about how to trick your opponents within my soccer school training game. At first i was afraid because what you said seems very new. but after i tested out the center-line idea against Jeff, I noticed he had broken his lower base so I immediately went to his center then a sharp left turn away. He was left reaching out for straws. I couldn't believe it i just tricked my A - team's best defender like nothing...! After that boost i was trying out everything, with almost similar results against different opponents. Then, the defenders started to floor me each time so i slow it down. My coach noticed the trick, jeff told me that no one every tricked him like that before. "I can't wait to test the entire TUSFS.!"


 Improve.Start Now! Get the WOWs. 
Cancel Whenever You Want..!

Yes..!! I'm very confident you’re going to be happy with TUSFS after seeing your own results.

You can cancel or pause your membership at any time and not owe us another cent.(Not that I expect you to cancel any time soon, but I want you to know that we make it super easy for you to cancel. You can do this from you my account tab on website.  Nobody to call and wait on hold. No emails to send. No support tickets to open. Maintaining your membership is always 100% up to you.)

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